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A Season Where Cheer Is in Short Suopply


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(Posted 11/4/17)

Baseball season is over, Trump’s time goes on and on. Is it any wonder November brings with it – especially to many of us on the East Coast – a deepening discontent.

Baseball ended with (excepting Game 7) what many observers considered the most exciting World Series ever. Here’s what New York Post-man Joel Sherman had to say about it after the two peultimate games.

Game 5 was epic and episodic. It was exhilarating for the Astros to win, excruciating for the Dodgers to lose and exhausting for all who watched a game that took 4 hours, 52 minutes to complete nine innings — then went to extras…The 38th game of this postseason will decide a champion, will finally separate these teams after what has been a back-and-forth series full of draining drama, titillating tension and players draining the last of their talents against fatigue and pressure.”

Neither Sherman nor any other on-site sports writers/commentators noted what games slotted to be played in earlier time zones do to East Coast fans: deny most of them – and nearly all the younger fans – the chance to watch the action to the end. MLB’s willingness to sacrifice a major chunk of its playoff following for TV money matches the sport’s acceptance of the advantage big-money teams like the Dodgers have over most of the rest of the field. (N.B. Note, too, the absence of any mention on theMLB-TV/.com network of how badly so many fans are being treated by their prime Baseball source.) There is little doubt that LA will be back in the playoffs next year, and on and on.

Meanwhile, it’s by no means clear that Bob Mueller and his team will prove President Trump conspired with the Russians to win the 2016 election. More likely, we will hear the frustratingly familiar disclosure: what the Trump team did was “illegal, but not a crime.” A sure-fire bet says the Trumpites, and economically blessed teams like the Dodgers, will be with us again a year from now.

Extra Inning:

Whaddaya-Know, Joe Dept. Re: A big reason Hillary lost the 2016 election campaign. “The fix WAS in. The former interim head of the Democratic National Committee (Donna Brazile) says this in a newly published book: she discovered after she took the reins that Hillary Clinton’s campaign had ‘rigged’ the nomination process — and had essentially been running the organization for a year.”

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