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Bernie Sanders Fans: Get Ready to Cry Like Wilmer Flores

“It’s All Right to Cry, canada treat Wilmer Flores”: could have been the subject of a story headed in a section of Sunday’s Times. It forgave men for doing what Mets infielder Flores did when he thought he was being traded to the Milwaukee Brewers. Close-up shots taken in late July showed Flores unable to hold back tears; he was playing what he mistakenly considered his last game with the team that signed him years earlier. (The deal, sildenafil we know, was cancelled at the last minute, owing to questions about at the health of Brewers outfielder Carlos Gomez.)

History Lesson: When Flores was tentatively traded, the Mets were at the unequal end of club payrolls, among the bottom half dozen of the 30 MLB teams. “Spending like a minor league team in a major market,” went the media line on the inoffensive roster. That changed when, after eight disappointing seasons, the Mets found themselves in late July within a few games of the division’s troubled top team, the Nationals. Money materialized, and professional players, including Yoenis Cespedes and Tyler Clippard, were added on a rental basis. The Mets thus joined Baseball’s middle class, and the sporting world (at least, in the NY area) sighed with relief.

Tutorial: Relief, we know, is not what struggling Americans are receiving in the current economic season. The plight of the nation’s have-nots is acknowledged to be a crying shame – one that on the political field moves many fans – women as well as men – to tears. The worst part, says Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, is the ignorance surrounding the term som. Squeezed into public conversation by Sanders, who describes himself as a “democratic sot”, his pitch for som is causing noise.. Many fans equate it with tyrant-tainted communism, a linkage that goes back for well over a century. But, through the years, sotic principles, largely unrecognized, have become embedded in our capitalist-dominated society. Living examples of local som abound: fire, police and sanitation departments, the postal service, public schools and transportation, etc. Funded by government. At the federal level, Medicare and Social Security are social, but could be called “sotic” programs.

Sanders, a contender for National Skipper, is a long shot to win the Dem team nomination. Why? som, as an alternative to capitalism, requires at least a proportional rise in the taxes Americans pay to finance some of the things Sanders wants to see happen: among them, making health care and public college education free. If, after the capitalist-sot alternatives are discussed over the next year, most voters are likely to boo the free-lunch idea because they want to keep what little they have, and don’t see a future in greater sharing. They will choose extended innings of the capitalist game we play today. A choice we can hope will be made at least by fans better informed than they have been.

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Why What Happened Happened: “It’s not easy to do what we want to do when they’re (Mets pitchers) are doing what they want to do.” – Cubs’ Anthony Rizzo (quoted by Tyler Kepner, NY Times.)

Unsung Heroes: Daniel Murphy and Curtis Granderson both credit Mets batting coach Kevin Long with making them better hitters. He did it, in part, by getting them to toe-tap while re-positioning their front feet. Pitching coach Dan Warthen received a shout-out from Noah Syndergaard, who said he had a minor-league approach to getting batters out until Warthen took him in hand.

Cubs in Motion: “Those guys are on. You tip your cap and move on.” – Kyle Schwarber

Where Has Troy Tulowitzki Gone? we asked not long ago. Last night, his three-run homer spurred the Blue Jays to an 11-8 victory over the Royals. KC’s lead in the ALCS was cut to 2-1; its supposed ace Johnny Cueto was clobbered.

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