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Desire for Dominance Playing Out on Both Fields

If Baseball worried about income inequality, we know which team would be most worrisome. The LA Dodgers have made the post-season four years in a row; that is, every year since wealthy new ownership was in charge from beginning to end of the team’s performance. The Dodgers may not match the Braves’ 14 straight (1991-2005) playoff record or that of the Yankees’ 13 consecutive successes – 1995 to 2007 – but we wouldn’t bet against them. The Cubs may turn out to match the Dodgers in resources and playoff successes, in which case Baseball would have two reasons to worry. Then there are the nearly always potent Red Sox. If MLB truly cared about equality, there would be much to keep it be concerned..

We know the fear about dominance in the political field has now concerns presidential power as well as money. If there’s a consolation for opponents of the Trump Team, it’s in the hope of a term terminated after four years. In the meantime, along with the kind of money that helped make the T-Party so effective, progressives need to find a leader. In a NY Times interview Sunday, Harry Belafonte, an ally of Martin Luther King, Jr., noted that the civil rights movement dissipated when its leaders a half-century ago moved into government, leaving the community behind. Today, meanwhile, he sees a “liberal community (that) has compromised itself out of existence, (a passive)black community, and a “strangely silent” Labor movement. Whether new leadership will emerge, he’s not so sure: “Takes a lot of courage and a lot of power to step into the space and lead a holy war.”

On a less negative note,, Belafonte does see value in what our new president represents: Instead of thinking of ourselves as part of a generous nation, he reminds us “we have a parallel history that is not so (admirable).”

Available: Two not-excessively priced NL outfielders: Andrew McCutchen, Pirates; Jay Bruce, Mets. ’17 Salaries: McCutchen, $14 mil, Bruce, $13 mil. ’16 BA’s, HRs: McCutchen, .256, 24; Bruce, .250, 33. Ages, both 30. Both are signed through 2018.

N.B. Pirates have announced McCutchen will be switched from center to right field this season to allow Starling Marte to shift from left field to center.


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