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‘Do Something!’ Say Baseball and Political Fans

(Posted 12/9/14)

Until late last week, sales find the complaint heard among Yankee fans included the word “dithering.” Their team was too passive a part of the post-season upgrading process. The signing of coveted reliever Andrew Miller quieted the restiveness, as did the trade for the possible Derek Jeter successor, Didi Gregorius. Now, fans in Ohio, of both the Reds and the Indians, in Texas, of both the Rangers and Astros, and in Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego, among other cities, can feel similarly impatient. Four of seven top-of-the-market free agents have been signed – Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez by the Red Sox, Victor Martinez by the Tigers, and Nelson Cruz by the Mariners. Mega-ace pitchers Jon Lester, Max Scherzer and James Shields, as well as (among others) lesser-level starter Justin Masterson, and position players Melky Cabrera and Chase Headley, are still up for grabs. “Do something!,” say the fans.

The leading , and – for now – the Dem team’s only presidential prospect, is taking similar hits from the media. The prodding of Hillary Clinton is the inevitable brush-back to her aura of inevitability. The impatience centers on her refusal, despite her dominant stance, to go to bat on any burning issue that might elicit boos. The Politico’s Roger Simon addresses Clinton’s play-it-safe game and urges her to change it:

Americans want to hear what you intend to achieve and how you intend achieve it. They want to know where you will take the country and the world. They want from (their) Hillary what Hillary doesn’t want to give them: the ‘vision’ thing that she finds… embarrassing…(Instead) Hillary… will soon begin a ‘listening tour,’ the same shopworn stunt she used in 1999 when running for the U.S. Senate from New York…(Her listening) so far has moved her to silence.”

The scorebook Simon has assembled notes Clinton’s unwillingness to comment on the events in Ferguson, or the proposed Keystone pipeline. It also shows her polling numbers have hit their lowest point since she left Team Obama.

Pending emergence of a credible competitor, Hillary’s slide is calamitous news for the Dems, signaling, as it does, a potential 2016 walkoff win for Team GOP.

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Guessin’ Game: That the Yankees let David Robertson go to the White Sox is a signal Brian Cashman will go for broke in signing Chase Headley. That’s the guess here, anyway.

You May Not Have Heard This One: Most speculation at yesterday’s start of the Winter Meetings we’ve heard before – Jon Lester will sign with the Red Sox, Cubs or Dodgers, Chase Headley nearing deal with the Giants, etc LA Times birddog Bill Shaikin offers a new possibility – the Dodgers to deal for Jimmy Rollins, perhaps their “best hope” as fill-in shortstop in 2015.

Returnee: He’s not Lester, but the Cubs are happy to have re-signed 32-year-old righthander Jason Hammel, whom they dealt to Oakland last summer. Hammel went 8-5, .298, with the Cubs last season


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