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Excitement Ahead in Both Roiled Fields

(Posted : 10/1/16)

Excitement Still Ahead in Both Roiled Fields

A short while before the second Clinton-Trump debate Sunday night, we watched a pre-third-game interview with Rangers Skipper Jeff Banister in Toronto.   His team was facing a three-and-out defeat at the hands of the home-field Blue Jays. How did he feel, Banister was asked, to be possibly standing on the season’s brink. “I think how nice it will be to get some sleep,” he said (to our surprise). “I don’t sleep much during the season.” He added, as if anticipating the worst – which we know happened – “You can’t let yourself dwell on the past.”

Donald Trump made like Banister Sunday night in the debate with regard to one unsavory part of his past: his dated sexually insulting remarks about women that surfaced over the weekend; they were only “locker room banter,” he said. He’d like them to be forgotten, as he’d like other eye-opening statements made during the debate, such as his plan to put Hillary “in jail” if he’s elected. Since most observers thought Trump held his own with Clinton in the second debate, the diversion he’s offering potential supporters shouldn’t work (or could it?), allowing most of us to “get some sleep,” at last.

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Bye, Bye Boston: We thought this when Dustin Pedroia came to bat in the ninth with a man on base and the Sox trailing the Indians by a run: “Petey” will bail the home team out; he’ll never let Sox Nation down. When he walked, however, we suspected Boston’s season was over. Amid the gloom in Fenway after the final out, many Sox fans had to be happy for Tito Francona and his earned satisfaction in beating his old team.

Not Yet Over in SF: We admit it: after Jake Arrieta hit a three-run homer in the second inning off Madison Bumgarner, we turned out the lights on the Giants’ season. Mistake. SF clawed back to send the game into extras. And in the 13th, NY boy Joe Panic hit a game-winning double. Bruce Bochy’s squad could still be an alternate-year team of destiny.

Cloud Over LA: Falling behind the Nationals, 2-1, in games with only Clayton Kershaw standing in the way of elimination can’t be a comfort to Dodger fans. Not with Washington’s ace Max Scherzer waiting in the fifth-game wings. But it’s been a surprising post-season so far…

Today’s Schedule: Nationals-Dodgers, 5p; Cubs-Giants, 8:30p. Both games on FS1.

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