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For a Baseball Fan on Super Bowl Weekend

No guarantee, but tomorrow, in advance of pro-football’s climactic event, Red Sox fan Jonathan Schwartz usually devotes much of his Sunday disc jockey show to taped accounts of interesting baseball moments. Noon WNYC, in the New York area, on line via The Jonathan Channel.


The Braves, Rockies and Twins, three of the five top teams in MLB’s farm system rankings (at two, three and five), are on the rise. The ratings say they can assure fans they will soon be playoff-competitive after long doormat-level dry spells in their divisions. As such, they’re much like supporters of currently bumbling Team Trump: “It will pass,” said a GOP legislator about the travel-ban flap a few days ago. That reality is bad news for progressives and for the news media whose readership and audiences have soared during the first two weeks of Trump-time.

The cabinet appointees will settle into their jobs, and some of us will grudgingly acknowledge that the absence of the familiar revolving-door Ivy League business people is not unwelcome. What is troubling, however: the likely departure over the next four years of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who turns 83 next month, and of ”swing-seat” occupant Anthony Kennedy, who will be 80 in July. Then there are the 15 (nerve-wracking for Democrats) competitive Senate seats at stake in 2018. The Dem team needs to win nine of them to regain control of the Upper House. A tall order, even if Team Trump finds itself embattled.

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The Dodgers and Rangers are one and three on the MLB top-five list. The Dodgers have replaced the Red Sox in the number 1 spot. The Sox are now rated sixth. Phillies, Pirates, Brewers, Astros fill out the 10 highest rated teams. Mets and Yanks? 15th and 17th, in that order.

Something to cheer about: arrival of the year’s first baseball month. Welcome, February.


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