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Gee, Getting Gun Control Laws Is a Hard Game to Win

“Who is Dillon Gee?” “Get me Dillon Gee.” “Get me a young Dillon Gee.” “Who is Dillon Gee?” The antic show-biz bio (linked to veteran actor Sam Levene) came to mind in connection with a former Mets pitcher: Dillon Gee averaged double-digit wins with the team from 2010 through 2014. His career as a Met came to an abrupt end this season; it happened after he complained about being duped into joining teammates in a gun-control promotion organized by NYC’s former Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Gee, troche a hunter, site said that, while he opposed gun violence, he did not endorse gun control. His public gripe reportedly incensed GM Sandy Alderson. Gee, 29, already dropped from a rotation that included younger arms, was sent to Triple-A Las Vegas soon after the early June event. Although going a respectable 8-3 there, he was not called to rejoin the big team on September 1. The Mets made clear they wanted him gone.

While a credit to the team for standing up for gun control, the under-played Gee saga hints at the heft of pro-gun power – a clout that scatters attempts at effectively challenging the gun lobby. Skipper Obama bemoaned what lawmakers haves made an immovable problem after last week’s shooting deaths in Oregon. This has become “routine,” he said.

“What is also routine is that somebody, somewhere will say ‘Obama politicized this issue.’ Well this is something we should politicize… We are the only advanced country on Earth that sees these kinds of mass shootings every few months. This is a political choice we make, to allow this to happen every few months in America. We collectively are answerable to those families who lose their loved ones…We are going to have to change our laws. This is not something I can do myself.”

The ball is on the Congressional field, where it will remain until fans can generate positive action.                                                          


AL Knockout Night: The Nub gives the Astros the edge over the Yankees in the AL wild card play-in game at the Stadium tonight. Why? We value Dallas Keuchel’s (20-8) consistency over Mashiro Tanaka’s (12-7) mostly up- but-sometimes-down performances. On the other hand, Keuchel struggled (5-8) on the road this season.

Win or Go Home in Pittsburgh: Insiders, like panelists at MLB-TV, favor the Cubs over the Pirates in tomorrow night’s NL play-in game in Pittsburgh. .They’re understandably impressed with Jake Arrieta’s W-L of 22-8, and his 0.75 ERA over the second half of the season. Still, Bucs starter Gerrit Cole (19-8) is no slouch.

Singular Series Choices: MLB-TV panels Greg Amsinger and Dan Plesac ares so impressed by the Cubs that each pick Joe Maddon’s team to go on to the World Series. They agree on the other World Series team as well – the Blue Jays.

Fenway’s Loss: An emotional sight for many viewers – when Red Sox players lined up under the broadcast booth in Cleveland Sunday to wave goodbye to ousted play-by-play man Don Orsillo. The recipient of the tribute waved his thanks, and said “Orsillo rounding third…” He’ll be in the Padres broadcast booth next season.


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