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Hot Stove Distraction Needed Amid Post-Election Gloom

Seldom have lefty fans needed Baseball’s hot-stove distraction as they do in this post-election season. For the moment, tadalafil fans in Atlanta are most to be envied. The Braves have just added two former Cy Young pitchers to their starting rotation. The newbies, generic Bartolo Colon and R.A. Dickey are 43 and 42, respectively. But both, we know, are innings-eaters and welcome as entertaining performers. Colon went 15-8 with a 3.43 ERA last season , filling in for the Mets’ injury-depleted starters. Dickey had an off 10-15, 4.46, year, with the Blue Jays; he figures to do better in the Braves’ new ballpark outdoors.

Progressives are hopeful the new President-elect does better than their fellow fans fear. He has promised to protect Social Security and Medicare, as well as key parts of Obamacare. And he might even succeed in normalizing relations with Vladimir Putin’s Russia. So much for the hopeful news. The future Skipper is unlikely to address the inequities associated with Wall Street, a style of play that ironically helped lead to his election. NY Times’ official scorer Gretchen Morgenson tracked that game this way from her pressbox vantage point:

“There are many facets to the populist anger that swept Donald Trump into the White House. A crucial element fueling the rage…was this: Not one high-ranking executive at a major financial firm was held to account for the crisis of 2008. As millions of foreclosures and job losses followed, the failure to go after fraudsters confirmed the suspicion that the powerful got protection while those on Main Street were kicked to the curb.”

Trump, she also noted “directly tapped into such misgivings when he said ‘the system was rigged.”

If entertainment is what we’ll need, it may be in short supply. But Dave Chappelle, on Saturday Live ,gave us this early slow droller of what’s possible:

“My black friends said ‘That’s it, I’m out, I’m leaving the country. You coming with us?‘ “I said I think I’m gonna wait and see how the tax breaks work out.”

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The Mets’ Neil Walker has joined Philies pitcher Jeremy Hellickson as the only player to accept their teams’$17.2 million qualifying offer to remain with their clubs for the coming season.



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