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One of Two Losing-side Teams That Were ‘Whupped’

The Cleveland Indians, who lost the deciding Series game by a single run, could have cited this consolation, credited to the late Nobel author William Faulkner: “They may have killed us, but we haven’t been whupped.” The Dem team allowed itself to be whupped by clearing the basepaths for a single chosen player in the presidential playoffs.. That W-L record of the player, Hillary Clinton, suggests why so many angry voters opted for Trump: she was an insider, ready in their eyes to pitch with a familiar repertoire/ The party made the fatal mistake of putting her at the center of the doomed inside game.

Lost in the year-and-a-half of campaign name-calling was the shallowness of the Dem bench. Skipper Obama’s dominating presence made his fading party feel secure. The fact that two veteran players – Indiana’s Evan Bayh and Wisconsin’s Russ Feingold – were called out of retirement was a bad-but-ignored sign. Only when both quickly became early favorites to reclaim Senate seats, then lost, did reality begin to set in. The Dem Senate team is left with a meager group of potential game-changing players, including two progressives – 67-year-old Elizabeth Warren (Ma) and Jeff Merkley, 60, of Oregon. No one has emerged yet as a player with leadership potential on the Dem House team.

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Key Transactions: Braves sign R.A. Dickey and Bartolo Colon to one-year deals; Phillies acquire Howie Kendrick from Dodgers for Darin Ruf; Blue Jays sign Kendrys Morales, let go by KC;


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