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Team Obama and the ‘Small Ball’ Pitfall

(Posted 5/17/14)


Stephen Drew made $9.5 million with the Red Sox last year; Kendry Morales $5.25 million with the Mariners. So, tadalafil tadalafil when neither was signed this season after turning down qualifying $14.1million offers to return to their teams for a year, sildenafil they weren’t going on food stamps. Still, considering they chose to risk seeking a long-term free agency deal, they’ve received a fair amount of sympathy. The kind words have come either directly or through media boos of the draft-pick arrangement that’s part of the qualifying offer system.

Both Drew, a reliable shortstop, and Morales, a power-hitting first baseman, are expected to be signed next month after the amateur draft, when the signing team will no longer have to yield a draft pick. But the persistent rumbling over their current inactivity seems to contain a political lesson: that, no matter what the circumstances, the presence of people out of work rankles, not only the unemployed, but the public in general. We know Team GOP is betting on that behavior as the midterm electoral playoffs approach. We’ve noted before that the hit-to-right club is basing its offense on one four-letter word: jobs.

Here’s the GOP’s Ohio Skipper John Kasich, a possible 2016 presidential candidate: “We work every day to be business-friendly. We’re up a quarter-million jobs.” The jobs pitch gets cheers in the national ballpark both from pro-business and working class fans. The Dems have been left to go to bat for a raise in the minimum wage and to focus on easing the plight of the middle class through job-training and more-affordable college programs. That game plan might be effective were it not for the sluggish, station-to-station progress of the economy.

WashPost birddog E.J. Dionne flagged Skipper Obama’s own restraint the other night in pitching his team’s successful rally in jobs and investment: “What we’ve accomplished together as a country over the last five years has been significant: 9.2 million new jobs, an auto industry that has come roaring back, a financial system that’s stabilized, trillions of dollars of wealth recovered and restored because housing came back and people’s 401 pensions bounced back. What we also know is that the American public is anxious…(The economy’s improvement)hasn’t translated into greater financial security.”

Dionne contrasts the aggressive GOP approach to that of the Dems as the teams go head-to-head in the 2014 campaign: “Republicans rail against everything Obama has done. Their agenda may look like a catalog of Fox News obsessions — last month it was Obamacare, currently it’s Benghazi. But they will not stop blaming Obama and his party for all the country’s shortcomings. Democrats, by contrast, (seem averse to) offering a sunny rebuttal.”

In Baseball, we know, managers who prefer to play small ball rather than go for the fences, lose at least as often as their caution pays off.. The time for Team Obama to change its approach is running out.

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Hold Those Tigers: Only one of six divisions has a single team above .500, the AL Central. It’s only mid-May, but Detroit is threatening to run away from their four division opponents: the Tigers are now six-and-half games ahead of second-place Minnesota. Meanwhile, Texas, with its injury-depleted rotation, has fallen six games behind pace-setting Oakland in the AL West.

Tanak-accolades: “He’s never in a count where you can look for something.” – Mets manager Terry Collins (after Mashiro Tanaka’s Wednesday night shutout). “I knew what was coming, but I just couldn’t hit it.” – Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy. As the Mets were being baffled by Yankee pitching a second night in a row, Gary Cohen on SNY did not mince words about a missing member of the team’s lineup: “I’d hate to think the $7 million dollars they’re paying Chris Young is the reason (center fielder) Juan Lagares is not playing.”

How to Spot a Comer Who Will Not Be Going Soon: (1) Watch him hit a line-drive home run to right in CitiField’s Death Valley. (2) Read in Gammons Daily that he’s among the top 15 players with more hits than strikeouts. (3) Check his BA and find it’s a more-than-solid .325. Who is it? 27-year-old Yankee rookie Yangervis Solarte.

Late Scores: Dodgers 7, Arizona 0; Marlins 7, Giants 5; Tampa Bay 3, Angels 0; Minnesota 5, Mariners 4; Toronto 2, Texas 0; White Sox 7, Houston 2; Colorado 3, Padres 1.


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