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The Money Game: Dodgers and Team Obama

(Posted: 5/11/12; e-mail update 5/12)

Snap Quiz: Why are the LA Dodgers a model for Team Obama?

No, sildenafil it’s not just because the Dodgers are surprise leaders in the NL West, sildenafil or are one of the most racially mixed teams in the majors (with a roster that is 20-percent African-American). It’s because the team, diagnosis with new ownership, has the money to buy the help Don Mattingly may need to sustain its playoff run. The White Sox fan in the White House suddenly faces an opponent as surprisingly formidable as the Dodgers have turned out to be. Once Team GOP’s bloodletting primary ended, Mitt Romney’s poll numbers rose dramatically; he’s now in a virtual tie for the swinger vote with Skipper Obama.

The National Journal’s Jeff Kraushmaar included some key stats in a report that is a wake-up call for the skipper’s fans:

“This presidential election is coming down to two immutable facts… President Obama will be running for a second term under a stagnant economy, and his two most significant legislative accomplishments—health care reform and a job-goosing stimulus—remain deeply unpopular. It doesn’t take a professional pundit to recognize that’s a very tough ticket for reelection. Three most recent national polls…underscore how tough a reelection campaign Obama faces and why it’s fair to call him an underdog at this point. He’s stuck at 47 percent against Mitt Romney in all three surveys, with the small slice of undecided voters tilting against the president. His job approval ranges from 45 to 48 percent Those numbers are hardly devastating, but given today’s polarized electorate, they’re not encouraging either.”

Romney and his Citizens United-approved PACs will more than match Team Obama’s campaign media offense. And the corporate pressbox partisans – Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, the Wall Street Journal, etc. – will reinforce the paid brush-backing of the skipper. Obama has every right to feel, along with Chisox skipper Robin Ventura, that winning their respective races won’t be easy.

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What We Know (or think we do): The Dodgers and Rangers, five games ahead in their respective divisions, are dominant with almost 20 percent of the season gone. The Marlins’ surge, makes clear that the NL East will offer the most arresting regular-season donnybrook: four of five teams have the talent to go all the way. The Mets, who have played exceptionally until now, don’t have the qualified reinforcements to compete over the long term.

Courtesy: A prime Dodger asset, masterful broadcaster Vin Scully, calling ex-Met Angel Pagan by his seldom correctly pronounced first name: “Ahn-hel.”

Streakers  (five or more decisions): Mets +5, D-backs -5.

The Two Joshes: “The Josh Hamilton who hit four home runs Tuesday night is a player the Texas Rangers would love to sign long term…(But, he is also) the recovering addict who twice suffered embarrassing public relapses that, coupled with a deep injury history, muddy any prognosis of long-term viability… Whereas questions about how they would age accompanied Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder’s forays into the open market last offseason, Hamilton’s case is more complicated, his past hovering over his present. And it’s what makes the time between now and when he signs his next contract so fascinating.“ – Jeff Passan, Yahoo Sports

On MLB-TV the other night, Hamilton told SI’s Tom Verducci he would play next season “where God wants me to be.” He said he felt a strong bond with the Rangers, but “we’ll take (thoughts about his next contract) a day at a time.” When Verducci kept pursuing his plan for the future, Hamilton said “You’ve asked that same question three times.” 

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